About Us

Who is Free Love Paws:

The journey began with a simple desire to make a positive difference in the lives of pets and their families. The deep love and passion we have for our pets and all animals alike inspire us to provide exceptional care for our furry companions. Our passion continues to drive us today.
We’re family-owned and operated founded by a devoted mother-daughter team. As our team consists of only trusted nieces, nephews and other family members, we are content to remain a boutique service with a limited clientele.

Family Bio:

Hi! I’m Claudia Capasso. My daughter Rachel and I are the owners/operators of Free Love PAWS. Our family has always been in love with all animals. We are experienced with horses, dogs, cats, birds and even snakes!

My husband Steve, when available, is always eager to help, especially with the last-minute requests from our clients. He has often been referred to as a “dog whisper”.

Our daughter Rachel is an accomplished equestrian with ribbons galore!! She learned quickly that patience is a virtue when bonding with horses. Not to mention the dedication and hard work needed to care for such large animals.  Our clients and their pets have a big smile when Rachel shows up lol!


A new addition to our Free Love PAWS family is Whiskey, a mid-sized Border Collie mix. Whiskey was homeless living in a wooded area near our house when we rescued him. As in most cases with rescue dogs, it took some time for him to trust us.

With our training and the help of our dogs, Whiskey is now a licensed Service Dog. We refer to Whiskey as our ‘Comfort Dog’ due to his soothing, calm temperament. With his ability to provide comforting companionship for humans and pets alike, our clientele always welcomes him with open arms.

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